Episode 44 – Pay It Forward

March 8, 2018 – The show returns with a story from Melissa Navinsky (@BornToPharm) about #58RandomActsOfKindness and an interview with professional gambler Marcus Mitchell (@GuyNSinCity) about #PayItForward. You can also find Marcus on Facebook.

I’m also talk about my leaving my podcast equipment behind in Vegas and my experience with trying to get my stuff back from the hotel. Phil States (@pstatesmd) accompanied me to pick up my gear and we discuss the treasures that can be found in the Lost and Found department at The Linq.

Other topics on this episode:

Thank you to Chris the host of the Vegas Bun Boy Show (@VegasBunBoy) for allowing me to contribute to his holiday episode.

FnA Minute
• Thanks to Mark for the invitation to be a part of Vegas Vacation 6! Check out the 360 Vegas website for more details
• Congrats to The Pod Bay Door Podcast on their 1 year anniversary!
• Congrats to Las Vegas Junkie for being named the #2 podcast to listen to by the Las Vegas Weekly
• Thank you to Mark from You Can Bet On That for the correction from the previous episode.

Lost & Found

Chargerback reviews
Las Vegas Review Journal article

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