Episode 36 – Wacky Tobaccy

July 28, 2017 – Recreational marijuana became legal in Vegas on July 1, so I took a trip out to Vegas to see what all the buzz was about. Joined by Epic Esquire, I tried weed for the first time and we talked to Matthew Janz, the marketing director for The Apothecarium Las Vegas. Also on the show is a recording of our pot smoking experience and a sober discussion with Jamey from the Pod Bay Door Podcast about his concerns with what the negative effects of legalization might mean for society.

Also, our friends at 360 Vegas are gearing up for Vegas Vacation 5! Head over to their site to check out all the details.

For more information about the topics we talked about on this episode:

The Apothecarium & Matthew Janz
website: apothecariumlv.com
twitter: @apothecariumlv

Epic Esquire
twitter: @EpicEsquire
website: epicesquire.com

The Pod Bay Door
twitter: @TPBDPodcast
website: thepodbaydoor.com

Marc Meltzer
twitter: @MeltzVegas
website: edgevegas.com

Heather (Vegas-Aces)
twitter: @vegas_aces
website: vegas-aces.com

Vegas Fanboy – Episode 76 – Vegas Dives
twitter: @VegasFanboy

360 Vegas Vacation 5
website: 360vegaspodcast.com

Bud & Breakfast
website: budandbreakfast.com

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