Episode 31 – Pocket Aces

May 19, 2017 – This episode I talk to a couple of seasoned poker players about some of their favorite poker rooms in Vegas. The host of HighRollerRadio.net and Vegas local Alysia help me find a good beginner room for me to start playing poker.

I also tell a story from my recent trip to Vegas and I introduce a new website that collects and shares Vegas stories. I wrote up one of my adventures from my recent trip and posted it at BookOfVegas.com. You can follow them on twitter @bookofvegas.

For more information about other topics we talked about in this episode:
The Millennium Fandom Bar
The Nerd Bar
First Friday

High Roller Radio
Twitter: @HighRollerRadio
Website: highrollerradio.net
Youtube: youtube.com/user/HighRollerRadioTV

Poker Rooms In Vegas – PokerAtlas.com
World Series of Darts – Professional Darts Corporation

Hobak Korean BBQ – hobakkoreanbbq.com

Marc Meltzer
Twitter: @MeltzVegas
Website: EdgeVegas.com

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