Episode 29 – Ladies of Neo-Burlesque

April 21, 2017 – With the help of the ladies of Majestik Burlesque and Lili VonSchtupp, I learned about the wonderful and playful world of burlesque! It’s not just T&A (tassels & assels), it’s about empowerment, inclusiveness and performance art.

I also talk to Tony Snyder from the 360 Vegas podcast to get some of the details about the upcoming Vegas Vacation 4 getaway this May 28th – 30th.

For more information about the topics we talked about in this episode:
Vital Vegas episode 45 – Tassels and Merkins
360 Vegas Vacation 4

Lili VonSchtupp
Twitter: @LiliVonSchtupp
Monday Night Tease: mondaynighttease.com
Hollywood Burlesque Festival: hollywoodburlesquefestival.com

Majestik Burlesque
Twitter: @MissMirandaGlam, @KitschyKooVegas, @sweetiebird
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEY_yciw0IE
Tickets: http://majestikburlesque.bpt.me/

The Village in Studio City

My buddy Doug’s gambling/life blog – EpicEsquire.com

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