Episode 27 – Tattoo U

March 24, 2017 – This episode we talk to Club Tattoo’s Justin Van Bibber and get great advice about getting inked while on your Vegas getaway.

Also, Kitty & Leo from the Afterburn 739 podcast return to share more silly Vegas stories.

We also share a way to avoid paying resort fees and parking fees, we talk about the upcoming 360 Vegas Vacation 4 and Chris reveals his 2 picks for #TryPod month.


For more information about the topics we talked about in this episode:

YourTripReports.com – a brief description of the Founders Card
Founders Card – membership website
VitalVegas.com – a description of restaurant CNF charges
LasVegasJaunt.com – 2017 guide to Vegas resort fees

#TryPod Month
ArtCurious Podcast
The Drift and Ramble Podcast

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