Episode 17 – Let’s Make A Dealer

heatherMarch 25, 2016 – We chat with a fake casino dealer and a real dealer.

Cassie & Mandy from the Mixed Feelings Podcast talk about their ass-smackin’ good time at the Hofbräuhaus. We play an excerpt from their podcast MFP Episode 13 – German Beer Hall Spankings for Everyone. As an added bonus, here’s a link the the video of their experience!

Jim & Stan from the Jim And Derek Channel share stories about making a $500 bet & shooting firearms at Battlefield Vegas. They also talk about making funny youtube parody videos. Please check out Stan’s Gambling Tips youtube playlist for their series of gambling videos about Blackjack, Craps, Roulette and more. You can also find them on twitter @JimAndDerek.

Heather from Vegas-aces.com has a few jaw dropping stories from her years growing up in Vegas and dealing in casinos. We also talk about her tutorial videos and her online dealing school. You can find her on twitter @vegas_aces, but the best way to contact her is via email heather@vegas-aces.com.

Thanks for sharing your stories! We’ll be heading to Vegas soon to find great interviews to pair up with your tales!

Annaleis & Neil from Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast
Scott from Secret Society Club Podcast
Todd Gades

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