Episode 33 – Geek’s Guide To Vegas

June 16, 2017 – In this geekfest of an episode, I’m joined by Gray Cargill (vegassolo.com) to talk about all the nerdy things to do in Vegas, Ardian King (Adrian Has Issues podcast) who gives us tips on surviving a comic convention, Octopus/Caveman to tell booze filled Vegas stories and Kaj (iHeartGeek podcast) to reminisce about Star Trek The Experience.

Also on this episode, I’m joined by Cousin Vito (Cousin Vito’s Casino podcast) to share stories from his 360 Vegas Vacation trip, and I give a brief summary of my trip.

For more information about other topics we talked about in this episode:

Listen to Fair Gemstone at MovestroMusic.com

Gray Cargil Segment- VegasSolo.com
twitter: @vegassolo
Millennium Fandom Bar, The Nerd, Toy Shack, Avengers STATION,
Atomic Testing Museum, Pinball Museum, Adventure Combat Ops,
Fear The Walking Dead, CSI Experience, Escape Rooms,
Bad Owl Coffee, Dome at Container Park, Disney Fine Art Gallery, Gold Strike (’66 Batmobile)

Adrian Has Issues Segment – AdrianHasIssues.com,
Twitter: @adrianhasissues
Top 5 Comic Con Survival Tips

Cousin Vito’s Casino – CousinVitosCasino

Octopus/Caveman Segment
Dave Podcast
Getting F**ked Up With Octopus/Caveman podcast
Octopus/Caveman’s music

Mitchel’s (@_Absolute0) Great Find:
Star Trek Themed Drinks at HubPages.com
Quarks Bar Drink Recipes at UglyCouchShow.com

I Heart Geek Show Segment
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1032489723544112/
Twitter: @iheartgeekshow

Star Trek Experience Klingon Encounter
Star Trek Experience Borg Invasion
Star Trek Experience Behind The Scenes
Vernon Wilmer’s Star Trek Experience
Super Summer Theater

18b Arts District
Nora’s Italian Cuisine
Mon Ami Gabi

Therapy Las Vegas – therapylv.com

Episode 32 – Las Vegas Stripping

June 2, 2017 – Scotty Q joins me from The Secret Society Club Podcast to talk about attending a bachelor party in Vegas. Then, I talk to Arnold Snyder from ToplessVegasOnline.com to find out about free limo rides to strip clubs. Last, I had the pleasure of having coffee with Reagan Reilly and she shares with me what it’s like to be a feature entertainer at a Las Vegas strip club.

Also on this episode, I talk to Jocelyn who shares a quick story titled “I was a stripper in Vegas for 5 minutes” and I introduce the audience to 2 new podcasts that I’m listening to. I Heart Geek Show and The Pod Bay Door. Both are shows based in Las Vegas and both are great podcasts.

For more information about other topics we talked about in this episode:

Secret Society Club Podcast – secretsocietyclub.com

Arnold Snyder
Purchase his books on Amazon

Reagan Reilly – ReaganRising.com

Pour – pourlv.com

I Heart Geek Show
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1032489723544112/
Twitter: @iheartgeekshow

The Pod Bay Door
Website: http://www.thepodbaydoor.com/
Twitter: @TPBDPodcast
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCElcwt0aQjeOkx_LntK3u_g

Episode 31 – Pocket Aces

May 19, 2017 – This episode I talk to a couple of seasoned poker players about some of their favorite poker rooms in Vegas. The host of HighRollerRadio.net and Vegas local Alysia help me find a good beginner room for me to start playing poker.

I also tell a story from my recent trip to Vegas and I introduce a new website that collects and shares Vegas stories. I wrote up one of my adventures from my recent trip and posted it at BookOfVegas.com. You can follow them on twitter @bookofvegas.

For more information about other topics we talked about in this episode:
The Millennium Fandom Bar
The Nerd Bar
First Friday

High Roller Radio
Twitter: @HighRollerRadio
Website: highrollerradio.net
Youtube: youtube.com/user/HighRollerRadioTV

Poker Rooms In Vegas – PokerAtlas.com
World Series of Darts – Professional Darts Corporation

Hobak Korean BBQ – hobakkoreanbbq.com

Marc Meltzer
Twitter: @MeltzVegas
Website: EdgeVegas.com

Episode 30 – It’s The Little Things

May 5, 2017 – It’s a short ep this week because I took a spontaneous Vegas to go see Dave Chappelle. On this ep of the show, I review of The Steakhouse at Circus Circus.

Then Tony Snyder from the 360 Vegas podcast and the Vice Lounge Online Podcast and I swap Vegas stories and talk about the little things that make Vegas great!

Episode 29 – Ladies of Neo-Burlesque

April 21, 2017 – With the help of the ladies of Majestik Burlesque and Lili VonSchtupp, I learned about the wonderful and playful world of burlesque! It’s not just T&A (tassels & assels), it’s about empowerment, inclusiveness and performance art.

I also talk to Tony Snyder from the 360 Vegas podcast to get some of the details about the upcoming Vegas Vacation 4 getaway this May 28th – 30th.

For more information about the topics we talked about in this episode:
Vital Vegas episode 45 – Tassels and Merkins
360 Vegas Vacation 4

Lili VonSchtupp
Twitter: @LiliVonSchtupp
Monday Night Tease: mondaynighttease.com
Hollywood Burlesque Festival: hollywoodburlesquefestival.com

Majestik Burlesque
Twitter: @MissMirandaGlam, @KitschyKooVegas, @sweetiebird
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZEY_yciw0IE
Tickets: http://majestikburlesque.bpt.me/

The Village in Studio City

My buddy Doug’s gambling/life blog – EpicEsquire.com

Episode 28 – Marijuanalogues

April 7, 2017 – With recreational marijuana use now legal in Nevada, I talk to Matthew Janz from The Apothecarium Las Vegas to find out how accessible will cannabis be to tourists.

I also have Matt Seibert from the MR BS Show who shares his first time experience in Vegas and gives a pro tip about mixing weed and alcohol. If you’d like to hear the episode where he and his friends talk about the Adventure Combat Ops experience in Las Vegas, click here.

I also share a story about a rude awakening from my recent trip to Vegas. If you’d like to read about some of the other things I experienced while in Vegas, like Gordon Ramsay’s Fish & Chips, I’ve written about it at YourTripReports.com.

For more information about the topics we talked about in this episode:

Special thank you’s to Scott from Vital Vegas, Vito from Cousin Vito’s Casino & Kara from Playgrounding for having me on as a guest on their podcasts recently. If you’d like to hear these episodes:
Vital Vegas Podcast – We chat about why FnA went dark for 6 months.
Cousin Vito’s Casino Podcast – Todd Gaddes and I report live from The Peppermill.
Playgrounding Podcast – Kara and I discuss the importance and health benefits of finding time to play and have fun.

Episode 27 – Tattoo U

March 24, 2017 – This episode we talk to Club Tattoo’s Justin Van Bibber and get great advice about getting inked while on your Vegas getaway.

Also, Kitty & Leo from the Afterburn 739 podcast return to share more silly Vegas stories.

We also share a way to avoid paying resort fees and parking fees, we talk about the upcoming 360 Vegas Vacation 4 and Chris reveals his 2 picks for #TryPod month.


For more information about the topics we talked about in this episode:

YourTripReports.com – a brief description of the Founders Card
Founders Card – membership website
VitalVegas.com – a description of restaurant CNF charges
LasVegasJaunt.com – 2017 guide to Vegas resort fees

#TryPod Month
ArtCurious Podcast
The Drift and Ramble Podcast

Episode 26 – 21 And Over

March 10, 2017 – The podcast returns with an interview with Austin, who for one summer was part of the infamous MIT Blackjack Ring. He talks about counting cards, team play, staying in crappy hotels and breaking the bank of a small casino.

I also tell the story of playing blackjack with my cousin who blows her bank roll in the first 5 minutes of playing at the casino and I give a refresher course on how to play slot golf.

For links to golf score keeping apps for your phone or to print out a golf scoresheet, click here.

Episode 25 – Let’s Be Frank Part 2

linqJuly 17, 2016 – We continue our interview with author Frank Scoblete, but first we open the show with some highlights and lowlights of my recent trip to Vegas. I talk about the online check-in process, Uber and some great restaurants.

Then in part 2 of my conversation with Frank, we finish up our conversation about blackjack and talk about when is a good time to leave the tables. Frank also shares a few fantastic stories about gambling and and a hilarious story about his first and second kiss.

Frank is the author of many books about gambling including I Am a Dice Controller, I Am a Card Counter, as well as non gambling books such as Confessions of a Wayward Catholic. He also is a contributing author for casinocitytimes.com where he writes a column a week.


Episode 24 – Let’s Be Frank

frankJuly 1, 2016 – This episode we start with a shout out to a new podcast, Cousin Vito’s Casino. If you’re looking for an entertaining gambling podcast, please check it out.

If you’re going to be in Vegas on July 9 or 10, you have a chance to see Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. Tickets start at $19, you can get tickets here.

Our interview this week is with Frank Scoblete is the author of many books about gambling including I Am a Dice Controller, I Am a Card Counter, as well as non gambling books such as Confessions of a Wayward Catholic.

He’s written for and appeared in many television documentaries such as the “What Would you do if…” program on the Travel Channel and has written numerous columns for gambling magazines & websites.

A very special thank you to listener Ed who suggested that I speak to Frank. Ed also helped me prep for this interview and introduced me to Frank. For that I am very grateful.

Frank and I talked for about an hour and a half, so I’m going to split the interview up into two episodes. In this part he talks about how he became a card counter and explains the discipline it takes to do it professionally.