Episode 27 – Tattoo U

March 24, 2017 – This episode we talk to Club Tattoo’s Justin Van Bibber and get great advice about getting inked while on your Vegas getaway.

Also, Kitty & Leo from the Afterburn 739 podcast return to share more silly Vegas stories.

We also share a way to avoid paying resort fees and parking fees, we talk about the upcoming 360 Vegas Vacation 4 and Chris reveals his 2 picks for #TryPod month.


For more information about the topics we talked about in this episode:

YourTripReports.com – a brief description of the Founders Card
Founders Card – membership website
VitalVegas.com – a description of restaurant CNF charges
LasVegasJaunt.com – 2017 guide to Vegas resort fees

#TryPod Month
ArtCurious Podcast
The Drift and Ramble Podcast

Episode 26 – 21 And Over

March 10, 2017 – The podcast returns with an interview with Austin, who for one summer was part of the infamous MIT Blackjack Ring. He talks about counting cards, team play, staying in crappy hotels and breaking the bank of a small casino.

I also tell the story of playing blackjack with my cousin who blows her bank roll in the first 5 minutes of playing at the casino and I give a refresher course on how to play slot golf.

For links to golf score keeping apps for your phone or to print out a golf scoresheet, click here.