Episode 21 – Crashing In Vegas

mcMay 20, 2016 – Our 1 year anniversary. We started this thing on May 31, 2015 and we’d like to thank all of our guests who have shared their stories. We also thank all of our listeners. Thank you for listening and supporting us!

Octopus Caveman (@octopuscaveman on twitter) joins me for the trip report about 360 Vegas’ Vegas Vacation 3. Mark put together a great trip and I met a lot of wonderful people. Thank you Mark, Tony, Keren and Alastair for being great hosts.

In the What Happend In Vegas story segment, Octopus Caveman shares his story about crashing at the Bellagio.

Last we give you a sample of our new podcast Dave. You can follow Dave on twitter @davepodcast.

Episode 20 – The Bright Side of Vegas

vbMay 6, 2016 – I start the show with a shout-out to listener Ed and the Due For A Win podcast.

In the What Happened In Vegas story segment, Todd Gades (@yoeleven_ on twitter) shares his story of misfortune turned to fortune. We also talk about his free e-book How A Math Nerd Plays Craps. You can find it on the home page of youcanbetonthat.com on the left, under the “follow us” icons.

Last we talk to Michael from VegasBright.com who tells us about the origin of this website & podcast. We also trade our favorite five things to do in Vegas. We also shout-out Scott from vitalvegas.com and Jim and Derek’s youtube channel.