Episode 19 – Horde of Elvii

bandbApril 22, 2016 – If you’re fan of Vegas there are about 18 different Vegas podcasts for you to listen to. In this episode, we tip our hat to all the podcasts that talk about Vegas and interview one podcast that is based in Vegas. A link to all the podcasts we talk about can be found at VegasFanboy.com.

Adam from the Vegas Fanboy podcast comes on the show to share some of favorite podcast memories and tell a great story about he and his friends invading the strip as a horde of Elvii (plural for Elvis). Horde of Elvii is going to be the name of my new band.

In the What Happened In Vegas story segment, Michael from the Vegas Bright podcast shares his awe and wonderment with a story about his first time to Sin City.

Last, we talk to the Mike and Lorne from the Bold And Belligerent podcast about life in Vegas, about their awesome podcast and in honor of their show we attempt to play a game with consequences for the loser. Click here to hear Lorne tell the story about getting robbed.

Special thanks to The New Trick Podcast for having me on Episode 14 of their show.

Episode 18 – Guitargarita Hero

vlsApril 8, 2016 – A Vegas buffet of guests.

Our friends from The Mixed Feelings Podcast have given me a gang name and ask a question about weed in Vegas.

Vegas Meet Up 2016 & 2017. Next February 2017, Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast and myself are headed to Vegas. They talk a little bit about it in episode #107 of their show. We’ll talk about it more as the date approaches.

This August 26, 27, 28 Leo & Kitty from Afterburn 739, The MR. BS Show & other members of the High Altitude Podcast Network, myself, and many more are going to Vegas and everyone is welcome to join us! We talk about the upcoming trip and answer a question from The Mixed Feelings Podcast about weed in Vegas. Then StormRaven shows up and things got hilariously weird. We included only about 3 minutes of StormRaven,  to hear the full 45 minutes of brilliant nonsense, check out The MR. BS Special: A.B.R. Vegas.

Next, we have a chat with the Kyle Harris, Cameron Dettman, Louise Lincicome & Josh Greenway from Vegas Live Sessions. We talk about the growing indie music scene in DTLV and their involvement with helping indie artists grow. We also talk about creating culture to Downtown Las Vegas and bizarre neighbors.

To find out the date and location of the next Vegas Live Session, follow them on twitter @LVLiveSessions and to hear more of Cameron’s music, go to his website camerondettman.com.