Episode 15 – Kylo Ben

spankFeb 28, 2016 – My friend Kyle shares his story about getting spanked at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas. Then, Aaron and Chris investigate Kyle’s story by going to the Hof and getting butt paddled.

Also in this episode we’re joined by Adam from the Vegas Fanboy blog & podcast to discuss Julie Bindel’s recent op ed piece “Why I Hate Las Vegas“. A special dramatic reading of the article is provided by Alex from the 98 Problems podcast.

A new sound drop and segment name for our show comes from The Something …Something… ..Cast. A fantastic podcast about geek culture!

Congrats to Vital Vegas for your awesome new podcast!

During the one month hiatus of FnA, I (Chris) met a lot of great people who have incredible podcasts. Many of them were very kind to let me play in their sandbox. Here are a few of them that we’d love for you to check out.

Afterburn 739 & Alien Theorists Theorizing – We investigated the haunted Cecil Hotel and tried to take an elevator to another dimension.

Alternate Endings – We came up with better endings for E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial.

The Countdown Movie & TV Reviews – We tested the movie myth “Always Bet On Black”, with poor results. Never believe what you hear in the movies!

Trust Me I’m A Jedi.com – I contributed to their “Favorite Comic Book Covers” portion of the website. If you’re a comic book fan, check it out!

1 Season Wonder – My friends Mike and Al kicked off a brand new podcast about TV shows that didn’t make it past one season. They chose Firefly to be the first show they reviewed and let me share a thought or two.

Pat and Jason Have a Podcast – Movie reviews, reboot suggestions, film commentary. These guys let me share my thoughts about the Terminator franchise.

Episode 14 – Vegas Stories

leoFeb 1, 2016 – Jennie & Chris talk about being a tourist in their home city or Los Angeles. We visit Egg Slut to see what all the fuss is about. We also kick off a new segment on the show, Vegas Stories, with our guests Kitty and Leo from the Afterburn 739 podcast. They share a story about wanting to teach their daughter about the dangers of gambling…then they win $300 with her money!

We also have Michael Tomes from vegaspoolseason.com and umbrellavip.com to talk about some good options for where to watch The Big Game on the strip.