Episode 12 – Eye In The Sky

eyeDecember 25, 2015 – Security manager Mike talks about what it’s like to be the “eye in the sky”. He also shares some stories about his adventures in Vegas. Chris and Jennie also talk about the Miss Universe fiasco, prepping yourself for New Year’s Eve and cheap parking in DTLV.

Thank you to Richard Cheese for his swingin’ song “Christmas In Las Vegas”. You can check out his full discography and tour dates at his website: richardcheese.com.

Marc Meltzer’s twitter posts and articles inspired our discussion about millennials on FnA episode 11. Here are a few of those articles:
The casino-lounge is changing the face of gambling in Las Vegas.
How Millennials Are Changing Hotels and Loyalty in Las Vegas
A Look At Millennials In Las Vegas Casinos

Marc can be found on twitter @MeltzVegas and his blog edgevegas.com

A tragic accident took place on Las Vegas Blvd on Dec. 20 where one person lost their life and 36 people were injured. To help the family with transportation and funeral costs you can visit their GoFundMe page.

What Happened In Vegas News:
Monorail To Operate non-stop on New Years Eve
Downtown Countdown 2016
Free Fireworks at America’s Party
List of NYE events and celebrations.

Faces: Security manager Mike from the SLS Las Vegas moved to Vegas in his 20’s and created a life, career and a family there. He gives us a peek behind the security camera and he offers some great safety tips for having fun in Vegas.

Aces: Cheap DTLV Parking
Neonopolis, Container Park, parkme.com


Episode 11 – Bond-ing Over Poker

bondingDecember 11, 2015 – This episode we talk to Dr. Brett Abarbanel about the advantages and disadvantages for women poker players. Chris discusses with in-house Millennials Katie and Aaron about why Generation Y does not like to gamble. Katie and Aaron talk a little about their Thanksgiving in Vegas and Chris brings up Vegas Fanboy Episode 44, interview with blackjack expert Ken Smith.

What Happened In Vegas News: Killers & Wayne Newton to Open Las Vegas Arena, Silvercar coming to Las Vegas, Magical Forest lights up Las Vegas.

Faces: Part 2 of our interview with the head of UCLA’s Social & Recreational Gambling research, Dr. Brett Abarbanel. She is also an amateur poker player and she’s given keynotes and addresses at gaming conferences all around the world. She also teaches a class about the sociology of gambling which includes one lecture about gambling in film. We cover all of this and also dig into some of her favorite restaurants in Vegas.

Dr. Brett’s research paper “Chicks With Decks: The Female Lived Experience In Poker“. If you would like to contact Dr. Brett with ideas for the June 2016 International Conference On Gambling and Risk Taking:

Tip The Player: Sushi Kaya, Doh Sushi & Tapas, Piero’s & The Peppermill

Aces: Picasso

Podcast Recommendation: Big Screen Book Club – Each episode Craig and a guest host discuss a book and compare it to it’s big screen adaptation. In the first episode they talk about the novel Nothing Lasts Forerver and it’s movie counterpart Die Hard. It’s a fun podcast, if you’re a movie buff, check it out.