Episode 27 – Tattoo U

March 24, 2017 – This episode we talk to Club Tattoo’s Justin Van Bibber and get great advice about getting inked while on your Vegas getaway.

Also, Kitty & Leo from the Afterburn 739 podcast return to share more silly Vegas stories.

We also share a way to avoid paying resort fees and parking fees, we talk about the upcoming 360 Vegas Vacation 4 and Chris reveals his 2 picks for #TryPod month.


For more information about the topics we talked about in this episode:

YourTripReports.com – a brief description of the Founders Card
Founders Card – membership website
VitalVegas.com – a description of restaurant CNF charges
LasVegasJaunt.com – 2017 guide to Vegas resort fees

#TryPod Month
ArtCurious Podcast
The Drift and Ramble Podcast

Episode 26 – 21 And Over

March 10, 2017 – The podcast returns with an interview with Austin, who for one summer was part of the infamous MIT Blackjack Ring. He talks about counting cards, team play, staying in crappy hotels and breaking the bank of a small casino.

I also tell the story of playing blackjack with my cousin who blows her bank roll in the first 5 minutes of playing at the casino and I give a refresher course on how to play slot golf.

For links to golf score keeping apps for your phone or to print out a golf scoresheet, click here.

Episode 25 – Let’s Be Frank Part 2

linqJuly 17, 2016 – We continue our interview with author Frank Scoblete, but first we open the show with some highlights and lowlights of my recent trip to Vegas. I talk about the online check-in process, Uber and some great restaurants.

Then in part 2 of my conversation with Frank, we finish up our conversation about blackjack and talk about when is a good time to leave the tables. Frank also shares a few fantastic stories about gambling and and a hilarious story about his first and second kiss.

Frank is the author of many books about gambling including I Am a Dice Controller, I Am a Card Counter, as well as non gambling books such as Confessions of a Wayward Catholic. He also is a contributing author for casinocitytimes.com where he writes a column a week.


Episode 24 – Let’s Be Frank

frankJuly 1, 2016 – This episode we start with a shout out to a new podcast, Cousin Vito’s Casino. If you’re looking for an entertaining gambling podcast, please check it out.

If you’re going to be in Vegas on July 9 or 10, you have a chance to see Richard Cheese and Lounge Against the Machine. Tickets start at $19, you can get tickets here.

Our interview this week is with Frank Scoblete is the author of many books about gambling including I Am a Dice Controller, I Am a Card Counter, as well as non gambling books such as Confessions of a Wayward Catholic.

He’s written for and appeared in many television documentaries such as the “What Would you do if…” program on the Travel Channel and has written numerous columns for gambling magazines & websites.

A very special thank you to listener Ed who suggested that I speak to Frank. Ed also helped me prep for this interview and introduced me to Frank. For that I am very grateful.

Frank and I talked for about an hour and a half, so I’m going to split the interview up into two episodes. In this part he talks about how he became a card counter and explains the discipline it takes to do it professionally.

Episode 23 – Let’s Make A Dealer 2

heatherJune 17, 2016 – This episode we have our 1st returning guest,  Heather from vegas-aces.com. We had such a great response from our listeners the last time she was on the show, and someone asked that she return to the show sooner rather than later. Since we aim to please, here she is. You can find her on twitter @vegas_aces, but the best way to contact her is via email heather@vegas-aces.com.

One more thing. We’re continuing to support Adam from the Vegas Fanboy podcast who has created a limited edition t-shirt with the proceeds going to the non-profit organization Pangea Educational Development. To buy the t-shirt or to make a donation, click here.

Episode 22 – Outside Vegas

gsJune 3, 2016 – This episode we’re lucky to have Neil & Annaleis from the Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks podcast to share a bunch of their Vegas adventures. We talk about casino jail, twerking and poolside cabanas. Another one of those adventures was a trip where Neil went kite sailing at the salt flats over in Primm, Nevada.

Since he did some cool stuff off strip, we paired their story with a great interview about an off strip property. We talked to Max who is the General Manager over at the Gold Strike Hotel & Casino in Jean, Nevada. Just 15 minutes from the strip, it’s located next to the new Seven Magic Mountains art installation. Stop by and say hi to Max and he’ll take care of you.

One more thing. Adam from the Vegas Fanboy podcast has created a limited edition t-shirt with the proceeds going to the non-profit organization Pangea Educational Development.  To buy the t-shirt or to make a donation, click here.

Episode 21 – Crashing In Vegas

mcMay 20, 2016 – Our 1 year anniversary. We started this thing on May 31, 2015 and we’d like to thank all of our guests who have shared their stories. We also thank all of our listeners. Thank you for listening and supporting us!

Octopus Caveman (@octopuscaveman on twitter) joins me for the trip report about 360 Vegas’ Vegas Vacation 3. Mark put together a great trip and I met a lot of wonderful people. Thank you Mark, Tony, Keren and Alastair for being great hosts.

In the What Happend In Vegas story segment, Octopus Caveman shares his story about crashing at the Bellagio.

Last we give you a sample of our new podcast Dave. You can follow Dave on twitter @davepodcast.

Episode 20 – The Bright Side of Vegas

vbMay 6, 2016 – I start the show with a shout-out to listener Ed and the Due For A Win podcast.

In the What Happened In Vegas story segment, Todd Gades (@yoeleven_ on twitter) shares his story of misfortune turned to fortune. We also talk about his free e-book How A Math Nerd Plays Craps. You can find it on the home page of youcanbetonthat.com on the left, under the “follow us” icons.

Last we talk to Michael from VegasBright.com who tells us about the origin of this website & podcast. We also trade our favorite five things to do in Vegas. We also shout-out Scott from vitalvegas.com and Jim and Derek’s youtube channel.



Episode 19 – Horde of Elvii

bandbApril 22, 2016 – If you’re fan of Vegas there are about 18 different Vegas podcasts for you to listen to. In this episode, we tip our hat to all the podcasts that talk about Vegas and interview one podcast that is based in Vegas. A link to all the podcasts we talk about can be found at VegasFanboy.com.

Adam from the Vegas Fanboy podcast comes on the show to share some of favorite podcast memories and tell a great story about he and his friends invading the strip as a horde of Elvii (plural for Elvis). Horde of Elvii is going to be the name of my new band.

In the What Happened In Vegas story segment, Michael from the Vegas Bright podcast shares his awe and wonderment with a story about his first time to Sin City.

Last, we talk to the Mike and Lorne from the Bold And Belligerent podcast about life in Vegas, about their awesome podcast and in honor of their show we attempt to play a game with consequences for the loser. Click here to hear Lorne tell the story about getting robbed.

Special thanks to The New Trick Podcast for having me on Episode 14 of their show.

Episode 18 – Guitargarita Hero

vlsApril 8, 2016 – A Vegas buffet of guests.

Our friends from The Mixed Feelings Podcast have given me a gang name and ask a question about weed in Vegas.

Vegas Meet Up 2016 & 2017. Next February 2017, Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast and myself are headed to Vegas. They talk a little bit about it in episode #107 of their show. We’ll talk about it more as the date approaches.

This August 26, 27, 28 Leo & Kitty from Afterburn 739, The MR. BS Show & other members of the High Altitude Podcast Network, myself, and many more are going to Vegas and everyone is welcome to join us! We talk about the upcoming trip and answer a question from The Mixed Feelings Podcast about weed in Vegas. Then StormRaven shows up and things got hilariously weird. We included only about 3 minutes of StormRaven,  to hear the full 45 minutes of brilliant nonsense, check out The MR. BS Special: A.B.R. Vegas.

Next, we have a chat with the Kyle Harris, Cameron Dettman, Louise Lincicome & Josh Greenway from Vegas Live Sessions. We talk about the growing indie music scene in DTLV and their involvement with helping indie artists grow. We also talk about creating culture to Downtown Las Vegas and bizarre neighbors.

To find out the date and location of the next Vegas Live Session, follow them on twitter @LVLiveSessions and to hear more of Cameron’s music, go to his website camerondettman.com.